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Interactionalism mind map in relation to families and Households topic in AQA AS Sociology paper
Sophie Cooper
Mind Map by Sophie Cooper, updated more than 1 year ago
Sophie Cooper
Created by Sophie Cooper over 4 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Key Ideas:
    1. In nuclear family people may interpret roles and structure differently
      1. Every family is different in structure + roles
        1. Focuses on indvidual
          1. Structural + micro theory
    2. Key Theorists:
      1. Berg + Keller- married couples MUST have a shared view or they will divorce
        1. e.g Clarke + new relationships- society has diversified, so people's life choices diversified
          1. Barkett- parents must learn to cope + constantly review how they interpret child's behavior
      2. Advantages:
        1. Takes into account peoples different perspectives
          1. Takes into account different family structures
        2. Disadvantages:
          1. Subjective (bias)
            1. Combined argument from post-modernism (unoriginal+ unorganized)
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