CV 2

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CV 2
1 Most common type of heart failure
2 Failure of the left side of the heart
3 2 Categories
3.1 Systolic Heart Failure
3.1.1 LV contractility is not great enough to maintain CO
3.1.2 Early Stage Compensation Decreased CO Decreased BP RAAS stimulation Increased Na+ reabsorption Increased blood Osm Increased ADH Increased H2O absorption Thirst Increased fluid intake Increased BV Increased blood entering the heart per beat Heart wall stretches Increased Angiotensin II Arterial vasoconstriction Increased TPR Increased sympathetic output Increased contractility Increased SV Increased CO Increased BP Arterial vasoconstriction Increased TPR
3.2 Diastolic Heart Failure
3.2.1 3 Effects 1 Decreased LV compliance 2 Increased resistance 3 Backflow into pulmonary circulation
4 Principle Sign
4.1 Pulmonary Edema
4.1.1 Fluid build up w/i lungs
4.1.2 4 Consequences 1 Decreased gas dexchange 2 Dyspnea 3 Cyanosis 4 Respiratory acidosis Decreased blood pH due to increased CO2 Blue skin due to decreased O2
5 4 Treatments
5.1 1 Diuretics
5.2 2 Inotropic Drugs
5.2.1 Increase contractility
5.3 3 Intra-aortic Balloon Pump
5.3.1 Helps push blood through systemic circulation to reduce workload on heart
5.4 4 LV Assist Device
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