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American Identity


Mind Map on American Identity, created by rebecca.bradley on 09/28/2014.
Mind Map by rebecca.bradley, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by rebecca.bradley almost 8 years ago

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American Identity
  1. American Revolution
    1. Effects of the French and Indian War on Britian
      1. The French and Indian War
        1. British preform badly against French & Indians, though ultimately win war
          1. Claim land westward of Mississippi
            1. Take Canada for protection
        2. Britian begins to enforce taxes on Americans
          1. merchantile policies
            1. colonists are not happy
            2. crack down on colonial legis.
              1. colonists are not happy
                1. The Quebec Act
                2. American Independence
                  1. The Declaration of Independence
                    1. US Constitution
                    2. The Enlightment
                      1. Thomas Hobbes
                        1. John Locke
                          1. Montesquieu
                            1. Rousseau
                              1. "We the people"
                              2. seperation of power
                              3. Thomas Jefferson/ Founding Fathers
                                1. "inalienable rights"
                          2. Colonists came to America b/c
                            1. religious decentors
                              1. economic reasons, money
                                1. didn't want to replicate monarchy
                                2. country was formed differently, early American's not born here
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