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    1. Are an agreed way of doing things
      1. Flexibility
    2. Facto standards
      1. Have been accepted as the best standard for their purpose
        1. Public support and market forces
          1. become accepted by an industry
            1. Anyone can attempt to create a standard if they wish
        2. Jure standards
          1. Have been approved by formal authorities
            1. Are critically assessed before being approved
          2. Proprietary standards
            1. Are designed, created, maintained and controlled by a licence agreement
              1. DOC
                1. MP3
              2. Open standards
                1. Are usually controlled by a Creative Commons licence
                  1. Freely available
                    1. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) maintains a number of open standards to use on the web
                  2. Compatibility
                    1. Compatibility is an important issue if you are making a program
                      1. What system your product is going to be compatible with
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