3.4 Customer services

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3.4 Customer services
  1. key words
    1. customer services
      1. The businesses activities that is concerned with meeting customers needs as fully as possible
        1. customer loyalty
          1. When the customer continues to buy from the company
        2. Global markets
          1. Made up of customers from all over the world
          2. Customer engagement
            1. When customers have a good experience from their contact with the business
            2. Post-sales(or after sales) service
              1. meeting customers needs after they have purchased a product, for example, by repairing or servicing the product
              2. Data analysis
                1. Gathering and examining data to provide useful information that can be used for decision-making
              3. Good customer service
                1. -Keeping customers happy -Offer service and guidance to match the customers needs -Offer continuous support after purchasing and look after customer even after they have left
                  1. Methods of good customer services
                    1. -Reliability~needs to be consistent and able to guarantee the customer service -Safety~they make sure you know the safety risks -Customer Agreement~When they have a good experience, perhaps an upgrade -Good product information~ customers are informed well about the product they are buying -Post sales~dealing fairly well with customer complaints and exchange faulty products without problems -Premises~ must be clean, easy to find and navigate and fill a customers needs -Methods of payment~Can offer many different ways like cash or credit card or pay over a period of time (e.g. little every month) -Managing customers expectations~They know what they are getting and know positives and negatives (e.g. food services tell you if they are running behind and how long it will be)
                    2. Benefits of good customer services
                      1. -Attract new customers -Be recommended -Each customer is likely to spend a bit more if it is good customer service -Good comments lead to increase in sales and bigger share of market -Increased customer loyalty
                    3. Bad customer service
                      1. Why do we get poor service
                        1. -Businesses promise too much (next day delivery comes a week later) -Poor communication (service not made clear to customers) -Poor management when they have reasorces but they are managed poorly -External factors (supplier delays)
                        2. Effects of bad customer service
                          1. -Dissatisfied customers who wont buy from the business again -Problems attracting new customers -A loss of revenue and profits -Costs associated with faulty products or selling the incorrect products to customers
                        3. ICT
                          1. Websites can give customers up to date information about the business including videos about products and services -A website can help advertise small businesses to a large or global group of customers, leading to increased sales -It can include a set of frequently asked questions so customers can get instant answers e.g. returns policy -It can offer to customers who have problems with a product
                          2. E-commerce and M-commerce
                            1. E-commerce is buying or selling a product using an electronic system like the internet
                              1. M-commerce is buying and selling products on a wireless handheld device such as a smartphone
                                1. Advantages: business avoiding the cost of having to have a physical and shopping can take place 24 hours a day and businesses can sell products across the world in global market
                                2. Social media
                                  1. websites and apps that share information and help to develop social and professional contacts e.g. facebook, twitter, snapchat
                                    1. Businesses can have access to large amounts of potential customers and target customers with sophisticated methods of promoting their products (e.g. Topman launched a new clothing range through Nick Grimshaw)
                                    2. Data anylasis
                                      1. Gathering and examining data to provide useful information that can be used for decision making
                                        1. Websites and social media gather lots of data about browsing and spending habits of users which allows businesses to look at trends and market more accurately (Amazon changes prices of products depending on the time of day you normally purchase
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