Ferret Party "Roots"


unit 3
Jacob Spoors
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Jacob Spoors
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Ferret Party "Roots"
  1. Storyline
    1. Follows a young person riding their bike around the north east and their home town to meet up and travel with his friends in a road trip, summer adventure. All about young friendships and love
    2. Characters
      1. Biking guy
        1. Group of friends
        2. Content
          1. Car Journy
            1. Beach Party
              1. Bike Journy
                1. Garden Party
                2. Style
                  1. Vintage
                    1. 80's
                      1. Underlying love story
                      2. Genre
                        1. Indie-pop
                          1. Folk
                            1. House
                            2. Inspirations
                              1. MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
                                1. Bob Sinclar - Love Generation
                                  1. Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer/ I Will Wait
                                    1. Blue Hamilton - Supermoon
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