Urinary System

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Urinary System
1 Structures and Functions
1.1 2 Kidneys
1.1.1 Regulate blood volume and compisition, help regulate blood pressure, synthesise glucose, release erythropoieten, participate in vitamin D synthesis and excrete waste in urine.
1.2 2 Ureters
1.2.1 Transport urine from kidneys to urinary badder
1.3 Urinary bladder
1.3.1 Stores bladder
1.4 Urethra
1.4.1 Discharges urine from the body
1.5 FUNCTION: to filter blood passing through kidneys to produce urine. Also regulates volume and composition of body fluids.
2 Macrastructure of the kidney
2.1 Lies between level of last thoracic and third lumbar verebrae on posterior abdominal wall. Bean shaped organ.
2.2 3 areas: fibrous capsule > cortex - reddish brown layer below capsule. > Medulla - innermost, consists of pale conial shaped striations called pyramids.
2.3 Functional units of kidney are nephrons. Consists of 2 parts: > Renal corpsucle: glomerulus and bowmans capsuale, > Renal tubule: .proximal convoluted tubule .loop of henle . distal convoluted tubule
3 Process of urine function
3.1 FILTRATION: > Water and solutes move from blood into capsule then tubule to form filtrate. SELECTIVE REABSORBTION: > Filtrate constituents required to maintain body's fluid and electrolyte balance are reabsorbed. SECRETION: > Transfer of substances from blood into tubular fluid.
4 Normal / abnormal contstituents of urine
5 Transportation, storage, and elimination of urine

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