Basic Security Concepts

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Basic Security Concepts
1 Terms Security Management
1.1 Asset
1.1.1 Anything of value to organization that must be protected
1.2 Vulnerability
1.2.1 A weakness of system of design that could be exploited by threat
1.3 Threat
1.3.1 A potential danger to information or Network functionality.
1.4 Countermeasure
1.4.1 A protection that mitigates potential Threat or risk
2 Data Classification
2.1 used by government and military
2.1.1 Unclassified Data that has little or no CIA
2.1.2 Sensitive but unclassified (SBU) Data that could prove embarrassing if it is revealed, but no great security breach would occur.
2.1.3 Confidential Data must be kept secure.
2.1.4 Secret Data for which significant effort is made to keep it secure. Few individuals have access to this data.
2.1.5 Top secret Data for which great effort and sometimes considerable cost is made to guarantee its secrecy.
2.2 used by the public sector
2.2.1 Public
2.2.2 Sensitive
2.2.3 Private
2.2.4 Confidential
2.3 Factors when classifying data
2.3.1 value of data cost to Acquire develop replace.
2.3.2 Age data usually decreases with time.
2.3.3 Useful life time in which data is considered
2.3.4 Personal association information of users and employees
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