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1 Is set of tunnel over public Network
1.1 Tunnel is endpoint between Tow Remote Host
2 Tow type VPN implementation
2.1 Broadband/Internet
2.2 Though standers which different devices connect and make virtual link
3 VPN Archetureture
3.1 Client Server
3.1.1 Client Internet NIC VPN(Virtual)NIC Make Request for Connection
3.1.2 Server Autheticate Client Request and assign IP of Own Local Network
4 VPN Components
4.1 1-Authentication
4.1.1 Authenticate username and password
4.1.2 Protocols PPTP L2TP SSTP IP SEC
4.1.3 All encrption protocol us keys for authication
4.2 2-Tunnel
4.2.1 After Authentication Create Pairing
4.2.2 Split Tunneling Send VPN Traffic One way and Internet Traffic other way
4.3 3-Encryption
4.3.1 Encrypt inter IP packet 3DES AES128 AES256
5 Basic Requirement for installation VPN Server
5.1 Live IP/Public IP use in destination Endpoint For remote host/client
5.2 Internet Connection for Client Server/ Stander VPN Devices
6 Diagrams
6.1 VPN Packet


6.2 Tunning
6.3 VPN

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