AQA Biology [B1] Part 1

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AQA Biology [B1] Part 1
1 Health
1.1 Requires...
1.1.1 Balanced diet Right nutrients Enough energy Metabolic rate varies
1.1.2 Regular exercise
1.2 Inheritance
1.2.1 High cholesterol levels
1.2.2 Metabolic rate
1.3 Pathogens
1.3.1 Cause disease
1.3.2 Bacteria Antibiotics Kill bacteria Cannot destroy viruses
1.3.3 Reproduce rapidly Produce toxins
1.3.4 Viruses Reproduce inside cells
1.3.5 Handwashing removes
1.3.6 Destroyed White blood cells Engulf pathogens Produce antitoxins Produce antibodies
1.3.7 Changing Mutation New strains Resistance to antibiotics Natural selection Pandemics Epidemics
1.4 Vaccination
1.4.1 Vaccines Dead or inactive pathogens Immunise people White blood cells make antibodies
2 Control
2.1 Reflexes
2.1.1 Fast and automatic
2.1.2 Protect
2.1.3 Receptors External stimuli
2.1.4 Sensory neurons
2.1.5 Motor neurons
2.1.6 Impulse transmitted Across synapse
2.2 Hormones
2.2.1 Menstrual cycle FSH Pituitary gland Egg to mature Oestrogen Stops FSH Stimulates LH Womb lining
2.2.2 Controlling conditions Water content Ion change Temperature Blood sugar level
2.2.3 Plants Auxin Shoots Towards light Phototropism Roots Towards gravity Gravitropism
2.2.4 Control fertility Contraceptive pills
2.3 Drugs
2.3.1 Medicines Tested in double blind trials Placebo
2.3.2 Recreational drugs Damage brain Harmful and addictive
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