Quantitative research methods

Eleanor Matthewman
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IB Psychology (Research Methods) Mind Map on Quantitative research methods, created by Eleanor Matthewman on 07/15/2013.

Eleanor Matthewman
Created by Eleanor Matthewman over 6 years ago
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1 Lab experiment- an experiment where you control everything on the environment. Pps would not normally be in that environment
1.1 Advantages
1.1.1 easy to replicate
1.1.2 can decide where and when
1.1.3 high level of control can isolate cause and effect
1.2 Disadvantages
1.2.1 people can be intimidated
1.2.2 may be issues in ecological validity
2 Field experiments- an experiment where you have control over the IV but not the general environment. Pps would normally be in that environemnt
2.1 Advantages
2.1.1 less chance of demand charactoristics
2.2 Disadvantages
2.2.1 less control over the environment
2.2.2 harder to tell whether the DV is affected by the IV or other variables
3 Natural experiment- where the IV is already changing. so the researcher cannot 'create' a different purpose for the experiment
3.1 Quasi- where the IV cannot be controlled such as age, gender or ethnicity
3.2 Advantages
3.2.1 allows researchers to investigate behaviours that could not be studied or created otherwise
3.2.2 less chance of demand charactorisics
3.3 Disadvantages
3.3.1 less control overall
3.3.2 IV is not controlled by the investiagtor

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