Consumer Behavior - Senses: Smell, Touch, Hearing, Taste & Sight

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Created by tere.trev over 6 years ago
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Consumer Behavior - Senses: Smell, Touch, Hearing, Taste & Sight
1 1. Congruency of ambient scent with the target product influences consumer processing and decision making. When ambient scent is congruent with product class, consumers: a) Spend more time processing information; b) are more holistic in their processing, c) are more likely to make inferences, d) are more likely to spread their choices over all options and e) are more likely to seek variety (Mitchell, Kahn & Knasko, 1995)
2 2. Ambient scent (pleasant or neutral) positively influences evaluations of the store and its products, and increases purchase intentions. Consumers perceive having spend less time in scented stores (Spanenberg, Crowley & Henderson, 1996)
3 3. Matching scent and music in their arousal characteristics, resulted in higher approach behaviors, higher evaluations of the store, impulsive buying and satisfaction (Mattila & Writz, 2001)
4 4. Consumers perceived larger difference in taste when the color of the product (orange juice) was manipulated. Visual stimuli have more influence in taste perceptions (Hoegg & Alba, 2007)
5 5. Consumers who touch and feel a film package evaluate the product better and are willing to pay more (Krishna & Morrin, 2007)
6 6. Product Scent increases long-term memory of product information even after 2 weeks. Product scent is more effective than ambient scent (Krishna, Lwin & Morrin, 2009)
7 7. When scent and touch properties of a product are congruent, haptic perceptions and product evaluations are improved (Krishna, Elder & Caldara, 2010)

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