The Inheritor

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The Inheritor
  1. Conflict
    1. Physical Conflict
      1. man vs. man - Man vs. Dingo
        1. man vs. man - Ewe vs. Dingo
        2. Mental Conflict
          1. Man vs. Himself
            1. Man contemplates whether or not to save the sheep
          2. Man vs. Nature
            1. Man vs. Flood
            2. Dilemna
              1. The inner problem is a choice between saving the Ewe or letting it die
            3. Symbol
              1. allegory
                1. man could equal government, Dingo could equal a Dictator and the Ewe would equal innocent people
                2. allusion
                  1. "and hanging on to that trussed sheep with both hands as though it had a golden fleece"
                    1. literature story 'Jason and His Band of Argonauts'
                  2. symbolic characters
                    1. man = government, Dingo = Dictator, Ewe = innocent people
                    2. universality
                      1. representing a bigger picture about the fight between the government, dictators and the innocent
                    3. Theme
                      1. what it takes to be a hero
                        1. protect the weak from the cruel and vicious
                          1. a hero is created only if they protect the innocent
                        2. Plot
                          1. complicating incident
                            1. conflict introduced when the man spots the ewe in a crisis and the Dingo turns and snarls at the man
                            2. rising action
                              1. the think processes in which the man debates whether to save the ewe or not
                              2. crisis
                                1. the decision whether to save the ewe or not
                                2. foreshadowing
                                  1. "the tree had made a monument for war"
                                    1. could explain the war that was about to occur
                                  2. climax
                                    1. when the man jumps on the Dingo, strangling it to death
                                    2. denouement
                                      1. matters resolved when Dingo is killed
                                      2. impact of setting on plot
                                        1. the flood forces the survivors into panic
                                          1. causes drastic measures, such as killing the dog for safety
                                        2. point of view
                                          1. the view shift occurs when the helicopter crew shows up for the rescue
                                        3. Character
                                          1. hero
                                            1. the man is the hero of the story because he rids of the dangerous Dingo to save the innocent Ewe
                                            2. motivation
                                              1. the motivation was the flood forcing them to make a quick choice
                                              2. dynamic character
                                                1. the man changes from ignoring the helpless Ewe to being compassionate and saving it
                                                2. situational irony
                                                  1. suspected outcome- man fleds to tree for safety
                                                    1. what occurs- saves life of Ewe
                                                  2. dramatic irony
                                                    1. audience knows the sheep is just a sheep
                                                      1. man believes the sheep is really more
                                                  3. Form
                                                    1. action-adventure tale
                                                      1. story is well described but also moves fairly quickly
                                                    2. Vocabulary
                                                      1. lacerated
                                                        1. to tear or make deep cuts (in flesh/skin)
                                                        2. propinquity
                                                          1. the state of being close to someone or something: proximity
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