my dream house


best house every
Oakley Checksfield
Mind Map by Oakley Checksfield, updated more than 1 year ago
Oakley Checksfield
Created by Oakley Checksfield almost 6 years ago

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my dream house
  1. garden
    1. tree house
      1. plank to jump of on the tree house
        1. pool to jumping
          1. hotube
    2. outside look of the house
        1. living room projector
              1. vr room big room nothing in their
                1. bed room
                  1. king size bed with computer
            1. movies room with big wall for the projector
              1. white kitchen with hole with glass
                1. dinner room
                2. gaming room next VR and movie's room
                  1. fortest
                    1. duck land with lots of cute duck because duck = life and yeah
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