Experimental Design

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Experimental Design
1 Repeated measures- testing the same group of people in different conditions
1.1 Advantages
1.1.1 Avoids the issue of PpsV
1.1.2 fewer people are needed
1.2 Disadvantages
1.2.1 order effects
1.2.2 demand charactorics
2 Independent groups- testing separate groups of people. Each group is tested in a different condition
2.1 Advantages
2.1.1 Quick and easy
2.1.2 avoids order effects
2.2 Disadvantages
2.2.1 higher risk of PpsV
2.2.2 More people are needed
3 Matched pairs- testing separate groups of people where one member of each group is the same age, sex, ethnicity etc as a member of another group
3.1 Disadvantages
3.1.1 time consuming finding pairs
3.1.2 never an exact match (except identical twins)
3.2 Advantages
3.2.1 Reduces PpsV
3.2.2 Avoids order effects
4 Defintions
4.1 Random allocation is randomly assigning people to different groups. Independent groups
4.2 Counterbalancing is reversing the order of the conditions for half of the Pps to reduce order effects. Repeated measures
4.3 Order effects are when a pps experiences both experimental and control conditions, their performance may be affected
4.4 The control groups is the group that does not experience the IV
4.5 The experimental groups is the group that experiences the IV
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