Changing Urban Environments: Case Study; Birmingham CBD

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Changing Urban Environments: Case Study; Birmingham CBD
1 Problems
1.1 Merry Hill out-of-town Shopping Centre Opened
1.1.1 In 1989
1.2 Birmingham's CBD saw a decline in trade of 12% over the next 5 years
2 Solutions
2.1 Improve environmental quality for pedestrians
2.2 Access to the city centre through public and private transport facilities
2.3 Make the city a highly attractive place to visit and do business
3 New Street Development
3.1 Newly Paved and Pedestrianised
3.2 Trees and Grass make it feel more natural
3.3 Street lighting
3.4 Widened, more spacious
3.5 Benches, Bins etc
4 Bull Ring
4.1 Plans made to rebuild the Bull Ring in 1980s
4.1.1 Demolished in 2000
4.1.2 Largest retail regeneration project in Europe cost £500 million
4.1.3 Reopened in June 2003
5 Mail Box
5.1 Used to be Royal Mail sorting office
5.2 Inside redeveloped into a multi-use mall
5.3 Uses
5.3.1 40 retail outlets: Emporio Armani, Harvey Nichols
5.3.2 Two Hotels: Malmaison and Days Hotel
5.3.3 Office Space: HQ for BBC Birmingham
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