Volcanic Eruptions

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Volcanic Eruptions
1 Ashfall
1.1 What is Ashfall?
1.1.1 ashfall is 'ash' fallen from the erupting volcano that has been stored in the vent
1.2 What are the dangers?
1.2.1 can cause harm when in the areas, can cause illness, coughing ash get into the lungs some cases it can cause death
2 Pyroclasticflow
2.1 What is Pyroclastic Flow?
2.1.1 Highly dense mixture of hot,dry rock fragments and hot gases that move away from the vent once it's erupted at high speeds
2.2 How fast does it travel?
2.2.1 Rock fragments ranging in size from ash to boulders travel across the ground at speeds greater than 80km per hour
2.3 How far does it travel?
2.3.1 can flow 50 kilometres from source
2.4 How hot is it?
2.4.1 pinatubo - 750 degrees C
2.5 Case study Example
2.5.1 Mt Pinotoba (Philippines) How many times has it erupted? Has had at least 6 periods of activity with large explosions in it's 35,000 years.
3 Lahars
3.1 what are Lahars?
3.1.1 they are a hot or cold mixture of water and rock fragments flowing down the volcano How far/fast do they travel? small fragments of rck can travel a few metres per second, but a large lahar can flow tens of metres per seconds - too fast for people to out run
3.2 Case study
3.2.1 Nevado Del Ruiz central Colombia small eruption - 1985 resulted in mud flow, killing 25,000 people in the town of Armero covers more 200 squared km its summit contains the 1-km wide and 240m deep arenas crater
4 Gasses
4.1 Definition
4.1.1 small particles released into the atmosphere which has been made in the volcano
4.2 cases study
4.2.1 Lak Ngos in Camaroon estimated release of co2 - 0.68km3 (up to 1 km3) gas killed all living things within 15mile radius of the lake
5 Global Warming
5.1 What is Global warming?
5.1.1 global warming is the amount of exposed co2 gases in the atmosphere, slowly absorbing the suns raise
5.2 Case study
5.2.1 St Helens USA
5.3 How dangerous is it?
5.3.1 long term its dangerous.... causing ice caps to melt temperatures to rise
6 Lava Flow
6.1 What is Lava flow?
6.1.1 are streams of molten rock that pour from an erupting vent they destroy everything in its path
6.2 How far does it travel?
6.2.1 can move away as 4km from source
6.3 how fast does it travel?
6.3.1 10km/hour
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