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1 Properties
1.1 Phases of Matter
1.1.1 Solid Molar enthalpy of fusion Heat of Fusion Solid ice turning into liquid water Solid iron melts to liquid iron Amorphous solid Glass Rubber
1.1.2 Gas Equilibrium Vapor Pressure Molar enthalpy of vaporization Real gas Nitrogen CO2 Ideal Gas Helium Neon Effusion Gases from one container to another by passing through a small hole Air slowly escaping from a pinhole in a tire
1.1.3 Liquid Boiling Point For water it is 211.9°F For ammonia it is -28.01°F Freezing Point For water it is 32°F For ammonia it is -107.9°F Volatile Liquid Alcohol Chloroform Critical Temperature NH3 132°C O2 -119°C Capillary action A towel drying you off after shower A paper towel absorbing a mess Surface tension Water strider insect Floating a needle Supercooled liquids Ice formations Coca- Cola
1.1.4 Mixtures Homogenous Air stirred into a glass of water A teaspoonful of table salt stirred into a glass of water
1.1.5 Solutions Suspension Sand in water Oil shaken in water Molarity Molality Solubility Sugar is very soluble in water Methyl alcohol is only somewhat soluble in water Colloid Fog Smoke Soluble Salt Sugar Saturated Solution The Earth's soil is saturated with nitrogen Adding sugar to water until it no longer dissolves creates a saturated solution
1.1.6 Phase Diagram
1.1.7 Plasma Lightning Aurora
1.2 Chemical Property
1.2.1 Iron oxidizes and becomes rust
1.2.2 Flammability
1.3 Physical Property
1.3.1 Something burning
1.3.2 Something ripping in half
1.4 Intrinsic Property
1.4.1 Density
1.4.2 Autoimmune disease
1.5 Extrinsic Property
1.5.1 Mass
1.5.2 Weight
2 Physical Change
2.1 Crumpling a sheet of paper
2.2 Freezing water to ice
3 Chemical Change
3.1 Cooking an egg
3.2 Baking a cake
4 Enthalpy
5 Law of Conservation
5.1 If you break a glass pane and add all the pieces together it is the same mass still.
5.2 Same goes with wood
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