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A level Computing Mind Map on Ethics, created by Jack Charlton on 11/09/2018.

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  1. Computers in the Workforce
    1. Cons
      1. They Take Jobs
        1. Cost Money to Implement
          1. Cost Money to Maintain
          2. Pros
            1. They get work done faster
              1. Do not need paying
                1. Do not need breaks
                  1. Someone is hired for the job to operate them
                2. Automated Decision Making
                  1. Pros
                    1. Decision Making happens faster
                      1. There cannot be human error
                        1. Not bias
                        2. Cons
                          1. Can sometimes make the wrong decision
                            1. can make crucial errors
                              1. Can cost a lot to implement
                            2. Artificial Intelligence
                              1. Pros
                                1. Can get jobs done quickly
                                  1. Voice control
                                    1. Entertainment Purposes
                                    2. Cons
                                      1. Computers take up peoples lives
                                        1. Can be taught bad things
                                          1. Can be hacked
                                        2. Envirnomental Effects
                                          1. Pros
                                            1. Can be used to monitor environment
                                              1. Education about environment
                                                1. Can see areas that need help
                                                2. Cons
                                                  1. Computer parts difficult to dispose
                                                    1. Batteries are toxic
                                                      1. Trees cut down for printing paper
                                                    2. Censorship and the Internet
                                                      1. Cons
                                                        1. Hides Reality
                                                          1. Costs companies money
                                                            1. Stops education
                                                            2. Pros
                                                              1. Stops viruses
                                                                1. Keeps citizens loyal
                                                                  1. Protects Children
                                                                2. Monitor Behaviour
                                                                  1. Pros
                                                                    1. Keeps people doing work
                                                                      1. Stops inappropriate Content
                                                                        1. It saves money
                                                                        2. Cons
                                                                          1. People don't like being watched
                                                                            1. No trust between people
                                                                              1. Costs money to implement
                                                                            2. Analyse Personal Information
                                                                              1. Cons
                                                                                1. Classed as a privacy issue
                                                                                2. Pros
                                                                                  1. People can see who they are dealing with
                                                                                    1. People can see what you like
                                                                                  2. Piracy and Offensive Material
                                                                                    1. Pros
                                                                                      1. Information is kept private
                                                                                        1. Kids protected
                                                                                        2. Cons
                                                                                          1. Bad images and inappropriate content
                                                                                            1. Some information is pointless to be kept private
                                                                                          2. Layout, Colour Paradigms and Character Sets
                                                                                            1. Pros
                                                                                              1. It allows multiple languages
                                                                                                1. People with sight impairments can use websites
                                                                                                  1. The websites are fit for everyone
                                                                                                  2. Cons
                                                                                                    1. Some people cannot read other languages
                                                                                                      1. Can sometimes effect people with sight issues
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