Communication skills

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Communication is the process of exchanging information

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Communication skills
  1. Meaning of communication #Communication is the process of exchanging information.
    1. Significance of communication 1) Helps in achieving co ordination 2) Helps in smooth working 3) Helps in decision making 4) Increased managerial efficiency 5) Maintains industrial peace 6) Helps in recruitment 7) Helps the employees perform effectively 8) Training employees
      1. Formal organisation meaning It refers to the communication which are associated with a formal organization structure and an officially recognized channel.
        1. Communication gap definition. Communication gap is defined as a situation that arises when the meaning intended but the speaker is sender is not what is understood by the recipient.
          1. Presentation aids meaning. Presentation aids are the resources beyond the speech itself that a speaker uses to enhance the message co edited to the audience.
            1. The important types of presentation aids are: 1) Photographs 2) Videos 3) White boards 4) Prototypes and models 5) Real objects 6) Handouts 7) Automatic slide shows
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