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How to answer the exam questions
1 Question 1 Understanding source material 2 marks
1.1 The berlin airlift was a considerable acheivement but neither side gained anything. The USSR had not ained control of Berlin. The West had no guarantees that land communications would not be cut again, Above all it made both sides stubborn.
1.1.1 Give 2 reasons from Source A which show that the Berlin Airlift made both sides "even more stubborn." Read the source carefully PIck 2 reasons from the source and write a short sentence on each
2 Question 2 brief description 4 marks
2.1 Describe one issue in a short sentence
2.1.1 Add a sentence that brings in extra detail Describe the second issue with extra relevant detail Outline 2 issues on which the ALlies agreed at Potsdam The first way that the allies agreed at Potsdam was
3 Question 3 - judge usefulness 10 marks
3.1 Make sure you write about both sources
3.1.1 Comment on usefulness because of what they say Comment on what they dont tell you Now look at Nature, origin purpose Does that make the source relaible or typical Therefore is the source useful? Do the same for the other source How useful are sources B and C as evidence of the reasons for Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979?
4 Question 4 Brief description of key features 6 marks
4.1 You get a choice 4a or 4b
4.1.1 DEVELOPED STATEMENT This means talk about the causes, events and consequences Higher marks for more precise explanantions Describe key features of the Marshall Plan 1947
5 Question 5 Brief description of significance
5.1 Explain the importance of three of the following in the Cold War Belin Airlift, Warsaw Pact, Prague Spring, Helsinki agreement
5.1.1 Choose 3 you know most about Write a brief sentence descrining one event Add another sentence explaining in detail why it was important in the Cold War Repeat for other 2 chosen
6 Question 6 essay explaining causation
6.1 Explain why relations between USA nad USSR changed 1980-85. You may use following in your answer - Invasion of Afghanistan, Election of Reagan
6.1.1 You must also include your own info Underline key points of q. Plan your answer including intro and conclusns Dont just describe explain clearly why it led to change Develop each point in detail Best answers will add in their own reason Show links by using link words Furthermore, however, in addition, as a result, this led to Make judhements as to the importance. Explain why
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