Lamarck's Theory

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Lamarck's Theory
1 About Him?
1.1 He was a French Biologist
1.2 He worked before Darwin
1.3 Born in 1744
1.4 Fought in the Pomeranian war
1.5 After war he became interested in natural history
2 Ideas
2.1 He had 2 ideas
2.1.1 A characteristic which is used more and more by an organism becomes bigger and stronger, and one that is not used eventually disappears
2.1.2 Any feature of an organism that is improved through use is passed to its offspring.
3 Influences
3.1 The ideas put forward by Lamarck are not accepted today
3.2 It cannot be accepted because it does not take into consideration the inheritance by genes
3.3 However Darwin's theory can account for the continued presence of simple organisms.
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