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1 He travelled all over Europe visiting tethers and watching operas. Mozart was his favorite musician.
2 He studied in St Petersburg and during those years he realized music was his future!
2.1 He started playing the piano when he was 5.
3 He was born in Russia in 1840 and died in 1833 may be from colera or poisoned.
4 his works
4.1 the swan lake, 6 symphonies(the pathetic is the most important),the sleeping beauty,the nutcracker
4.1.1 the nutcracker he composed it in 1891 because the choreographer of the theatre asked him, it is a ballet. the story comes from the tale "the nutcracker and the mouse king" written by Hoffman where: in Germany when: Christmas Eve at the beginning of XIX century Chraracters: Mr Drosselmeyer,Stahlbaum family, Clara, Fritz MrDrosselmeyer gave a nutcracker toy to Clara as a present but her brother Fritz broke it At midnight Clara fell asleep and she started dreaming Act I: Mice tried to steal the nutcracker , he became animated and transformed into a Prince. Act II : Clara and the Prince got to the Land of sweets and there was a party for them at the palace. Clara woke up.
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