Lung Disease

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Lung Disease
1 Pulmonary Fibrosis
1.1 Scar tissue forms on the epithelium of the lungs, become irreversibly thickened.
1.1.1 Therefore, diffusion pathway is increased, oxygen cannot diffuse as efficiently.
1.2 Reduces elasticity of the lung.
1.2.1 Makes it difficult to breathe, therefore ventilate the lungs
1.3 Shortness of breath
1.3.1 Chronic dry cough- Bodies reaction to the obstruction of the fibrous tissue Pain and discomfort in chest Weakness and fatigue
2 Asthma
2.1 Localised allergic reaction
2.1.1 Air pollutants/exercise/infecction causes white blood cells on the linings of the bronchi to release histamine
2.2 Linings of airways becomes inflamed
2.2.1 Cells on epithelial lining secrete large quantities of mucus. Fluid leaves capillaries and enters the airways Muscles surrounding the bronchioles contracts, constricting airways
2.3 Overall, much greater resistance to the flow of air in and out.
2.3.1 Difficult to ventilate and therefore maintain the diffusion gradient across the exchange surface. Wheezing sound when breathing. Tight feeling in chest Coughing in response to obstructed bronchi
3 Emphysema
3.1 Elastin in lungs has become permanently stretched
3.1.1 Lungs are no longer able to force out all the air from the alveoli.
3.2 Surface area of the alveoli is reduced and sometimes bursts.
3.2.1 Little, if any, exchange of gases can take place across the damaged and stretched air sacs.
3.3 Shortness of breath, difficulty inhaling air
3.3.1 Chronic cough, body tries to remove damaged tissue and mucus Bluish skin coloration, low levels of oxygen
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