Methods to Improve Persuasive Writing

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Methods to Improve Persuasive Writing
1 Research Basics
1.1 Perceive it as personally meaningful
1.2 Analyze how persuasion is used in daily life by making short and convincing speches
2 Strategy in Practice
2.1 Listen to and analyze various persuasive speeches and writings in the media searching for words, phrases and other elements that are use to persuade.
2.2 Decompose the elements of persuasive speech or writing.
2.3 Analyze people's current beliefs and their arguments about an issue, and convince them with counterarguments.
2.4 Find authentic opportunities to write to your familiy or the community.
2.5 Receive peer review.
2.6 Practice differentiating fact and opinion from articles.
2.7 Ananlize how community discussion on an issue can lead to alternative positions that take different people’s needs into account
2.8 Participate in online role-play, respond to YouTube videos or blogs. Or create your onw website to debate an issue with a nroader audience
3 Five-Step Process
3.1 1. Prewrite
3.1.1 Choose a position, undestand the audience, research, select the evidence, and do the outline.
3.2 2. Draft
3.2.1 Provide a "hooking" introduction, a clear thesis, strong evidence in the body paragraphs, define terms and at the end encourage the reader to take a position or action.
3.3 3. Revising
3.3.1 Make sure the postion is firm, evidence is relevant, the opposite view was presented ans refuted, and if the conlcusion encourages the reader.
3.4 4. Ediiting
3.4.1 Proofread, correct grammar and mechanics, as well as have a peer review.
3.5 5. Publishing
3.5.1 Share it, and receive feedback.
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