Grief and loss

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le genus werk of ailooosh and mooly and it is verry gud .a plus plzes.yey you need to um. zoom in or somethingto actully see the mind map but it is verrry gud i promises you

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Grief and loss
1 Davie: Ah've got bad news for ye son. Yer mammy's dead.
1.1 This shows Davie has a different way of dealing with grief than Alec does which is why he has to deal with depression later on because he has bottled up his emotions.
2 Alec: I was standing there, crying- real big deep sobs.
2.1 Alec has a different way of expressing his emotions than Davie does. He desnt try to hide his emotions and lets them take him over, which is why he describes the experience as being split in two
3 Naebody knows, unless they've been through it. Comin hame's the worst. The boy's oot playing. Hoose is empty. Gets on top of ye.
3.1 Davie is still afraid to confront his emotions. Which are most obvious him when he is alone in the house, this means he cannot escape. He wants to talk to someone to forget, but he needs to talk to someone to accept.
4 Alec: My mother is dead My mother is dead
4.1 Here, we see a use of repetition to express that Alec is having difficulty understanding the reality of the event. He is trying to make sense of what has happened but his mind cannot accept that something like this could happen to him of all people.
5 Alec: I looked up at the sky, the clouds moving across. Just for a moment a gap opened up, a wee patch of clear blue.
5.1 This shows that sometimes Alec forgets his grief but it is never for very long.
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