Psychodynamic Methodology

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Psychodynamic Methodology
1 Case Studies
1.1 Unique insight into mind, study in depth and detail.
1.2 Stengths; High in Validity, Individual differences, Qualitative Data
1.3 Weaknesses; Low in Reliability, Lack of Quantitative Data, Ethical Issues
2 Clinical Interviews
2.1 Unique insight into mind, study in depth and detail. One person or groups.
3 Anna O
3.1 Paralysis, hallucination, loss appetite, wouldn't drink.
3.2 Remembered disgusted memory, banished problem.
3.3 Child sexual abuse
3.4 Fantasised she had Breurs child, he discontinued treatment.
4 Wolfman
4.1 Reacurring wolf nightmares, sexually abused after sisters suicide.
4.2 depression after treatment, never really cured
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