AS Chemistry Unit 1 Periodic Trends

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AS Chemistry Unit 1 Periodic Trends
1 Nuclear Charge
1.1 Increases across a period as there are more electrons being added to the outer shells.
1.2 The nuclear charge of a group is the same because in a group they all have the same number of electrons on their outer shells.
2 Atomic Radius
2.1 Increases down a group because more shells are being added to the atom making the radius bigger.
2.2 Decreases across a period because the electron attraction is increasing, pulling the electrons closer together.
3 Electron Shielding
3.1 Stays the same across a period as the electrons are being put in the same shell.
3.2 Increases down a group as more shells are added.
4 Nuclear Attraction
4.1 Increases across a period because the atomic radius gets smaller and the nuclear charge increases.
4.2 Decreases down a group due to the increased atomic radius, so there is more shielding.
5 Ionisation Energy
5.1 Decreases down a group because the atomic radius increases therefore the electron shielding increases so the nuclear attraction decreases.
5.2 Increases across a period because the atomic radius decreases therefore the nuclear attraction is increasing, this makes it harder to remove an electron.
6 Melting and Boiling Points
6.1 Giant Metallic Lattice
6.1.1 High Boiling and Melting Point that increases with charge (1+ to 3+)
6.2 Giant Covalent Lattice
6.2.1 High Boiling and Melting Point
6.3 Simple Molecular Structures
6.3.1 Low Boiling and Melting Point that increases with the amount of molecules it attracts (e.g Oxygen being diatomic (O2)).
6.4 Period 3 Example
7 Periodic Table
7.1 Arranged in order of the number of protons (atomic number)
7.2 7 Periods
7.3 8 Groups
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