The Human Digestive System

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The Human Digestive System
  1. Oesophagus
    1. Is a long muscular tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the stomach
      1. Peristalsis
        1. Is the process of pushing food through the digestive track
      2. Mechanical digestion
        1. Food sliced,torn and crushed
          1. Physical change because no new substance added
          2. Chemical digestion
            1. Large complex substances are broken down
              1. Food broken down into simpler chemicals by saliva
              2. Saliva
                1. Watery liquid containing a chemical that begins the digestion of starch
              3. Stomach
                1. Food stored
                  1. Muscle walls contract and relax
                    1. Mixed with gastric juice
                      1. Containing Hydrochloric acid,mucus,digestive juices
                2. Mouth/teeth
                  1. Start of digestive system
                    1. Teeth
                      1. Premolar,molar,incisor,canine
                  2. Small intestine
                    1. Longest section of the digestion track
                      1. Diameter is 3 cm
                      2. Duodenum
                        1. First part of the small intestine
                          1. Two tubes entering the duodenum carry chemicals
                            1. Important digestion from the pancreas and liver
                      3. Large intestine
                        1. Final section of the digestion track
                          1. 1.5 meters long
                            1. 6-7cm in diameter
                              1. Water and nutrients absorbed into the body from the food
                          2. Liver
                            1. Largest internal organ
                              1. Performs over 500 chemical processes
                            2. Pancreas
                              1. Produce pancreatic juice
                                1. Containing chemicals that help digest fat,protein and carbohydrates
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