The Manhunt

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The Manhunt
1 Meaning
1.1 The Manhut is a poem written from the perspective of a wife about her husbands injuries sustained at war.
1.2 The poem explores the physical and mental impacts of living with injuries sustained through active service at war.
1.3 Themes
1.3.1 Emotional Pain
1.3.2 Physical Pain
1.3.3 Suffering
2 Imagery
2.1 Sibilance
2.1.1 Then I widened the search, traced the scarring back to it source. Emphasises the 'S' sound in every word and also slows the speed of the reader down. It can also be used to create a dramatic feeling.
2.2 Repitition
2.2.1 And handle and hold the damaged porcelain collar-bone, and mind and attend the fractured rudder of a shoulder blade. The use of repetition of "and" throughout the poem illustrates to the reader that the wife's care for her husband never stops she feels like the amount of injuries carries on.
2.3 Metaphor
2.3.1 The frozen river which ran through his face Each stanza appears to have its own metaphor showing the extent of his injuries as she cannot find a humanly way to express how bad each injury is in her mind.
3 Tone
3.1 The tone of the poem at the start is reminiscant of the past the narrator and the subject of the poem had before he sustained his injuries.
3.1.1 After the first phase, after passionate nights and intimate days
3.2 The tone throughout the rest of the poem is caring as it shows how the wife (the narrator) treats the husband, the use of verbs illustrates the care taken.
3.2.1 trace
3.2.2 search
3.2.3 explore
4 Structure
4.1 The poem is made up of a series of mostly unrhyming couplets, this gives the feeling of fragmentation and separation and echoes the narrators feelings.
5 Language
5.1 The Manhunt
5.1.1 The tittle refers to capturing a man and this is ironic because the poem shows the journey of the wife as she is trying to find her husband after she seems to have lost him after his active service.
5.2 Thumb
5.2.1 There are lots of sensual verbs used throughout the poem reflecting the intimacy between husband and wife. The use of these verbs illustrates the journey the narrator is going on finding her husband again.
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