Biology: Food Tests

Chloe Bennett
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How to find out what foods are present in samples and the results.

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Biology: Food Tests
  1. Lipid
    1. Mix with ethanol. Pour mixture into water.
      1. If present: cloudy, white emulsion will form at top of water.
      2. Reducing Sugars
        1. Heat sample with Benedict's solution (alkaline copper sulfate).
          1. If present: colour change from blue to orange-red.
          2. Non-Reducing Sugars
            1. Make sure there are no reducing sugars in sample first.
              1. Boil in hydrochloric acid (HCl). Cool it and neutralise it by adding sodium carbonate or sodium hydrogrencarbonate.
                1. Carry out reducing sugar test again.
                  1. If present: will give a positive result in reducing sugar test.
                  2. Starch
                    1. Add a solution of iodine
                      1. If present: changes colour from yellow-brown to blue-black.
                      2. Protein
                        1. Add biuret reagent of sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate.
                          1. If present: colour change from light blue to lilac.
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