Chemistry C1

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Chemistry C1
1 Atoms, Elements and compounds.
1.1 All substances are made of Atoms.
1.2 Elements are only made out of 1 atom.
1.3 Chemical symbols are used to represent atoms.
1.3.1 Eg: Na-sodium.
1.4 Compounds contain more than 1 element.
1.5 Molecules are a grouping of 2 or more atoms.
2 Atomic structure
2.1 The nucleus of an atom is made of protons and neutrons.
2.2 Protons- positive charge.
2.3 Electrons-negative charge
2.4 Neutrons--not charged.
2.5 The atomic number of a elementis equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of its atoms.
2.6 Elements are arranged in order of their atomic number.
2.7 Mass number= protons+neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.
2.7.1 Ex:Protons=9 Electrons=9 mass number=19 neutrons= mass number-atomic number=19-9=10.
3 Arrangement of electrons in atoms.
3.1 Unreactive noble gases have stable arrangements electrons
3.2 Electrons in atoms are represented on energy levels as shells.
3.3 Electrons occupy the lowest energy levels first.
3.4 All elements in the same table have the same amount of electrons in their highest energy level.
4 Forming Bonds.
4.1 Compounds of metal bonded to non-metals have ionic bonds.
4.2 The formula of ionic compounds shows the simplest ratios of ions.
4.3 Compounds of non-metals has covalent bonds.
4.4 The formula of a molecule shows the number of atoms in the molecule.
5 Chemical equations.
5.1 Atoms get re-arranged.
5.2 The mass of the products is equal to the mass of reactants.
5.3 Symbol equations should always be balanced.
5.3.1 Same on each side.
6 Limstone
6.1 Made of calcium carbonate.
6.2 Used as building materials and cement
6.3 Limestone with sand, aggregate and water makes concrete.
6.4 CaCO3= calcium carbonate.
7 Iron
7.1 Pig iron
7.1.1 Wrought iron. Cast iron
7.2 Iron ore=iron+oxygen.
7.2.1 Extract iron by carbon-blast furance.
8 Limestone.
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