Belief about Deity

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Mindmap on the Belief of Deity

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Belief about Deity
1 Lourdes
2 Describing God
2.1 Immanent: within everything
2.2 Ominbenevolent: all loving
2.3 Transcendent: beyond space and time
2.4 Creator: made the world
2.4.1 God made the world in 7 days
2.5 Eternal: has no beging or end
2.6 Omniscient: all knowing
2.7 Omnipotent: all powerfull
3 Logical arguments for God's existence
3.1 St Aquinas
3.1.1 The cosmological argument The universe has a cause. The only thing that could cause the universe is God
3.2 William Paley
3.2.1 The design argument The universe is too complicated to be random. God is the only one that could design such a complex creation
4 Experience arguments for God's existence
4.1 NDE (near death experience)
4.1.1 When people are close to death they might experience God's prensence
5 Defining miracles
5.1 A supernatural event
5.1.1 Near death experience
5.1.2 Anserwed prayers
5.1.3 Dreams and visions
5.1.4 Coming back from the dead is a miracle because it breaks the laws of nature
5.1.5 Awe and wonder
6 Deity is a God or Goddess that is worshiped because they believe to have supernatural powers
7 Christians are monothesist: they have one God
7.1 Thesist: believe in God
7.1.1 They think there is a God and he created the world in seven days
7.2 Agnostics: believe we can't be certain
7.3 Athesist: don't believe in God
7.3.1 Athesist think God is non existent and he is not real
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