Beliefs about the Nature of Allah

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Created by harrisono about 6 years ago
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Beliefs about the Nature of Allah
1 There is only one God
1.1 Monotheism
1.2 Unlike anything else that exists
1.2.1 No attempt is made to describe him
2 All life is is an expression to the submission to the will of Allah
3 Allah's importance is expressed in the first Surah of the Qur'án
4 The Shahadah is is at the centre of Muslim belief in Allah
4.1 One of the pillars of Islam
4.2 The central statement of Muslim belief
4.2.1 There is no God but Allah, Muhammed is the messenger of Allah
5 Allah is eternal
5.1 Beyond time and space
5.1.1 Not limited by a physical body
5.1.2 Is everywhere at all times
6 The creator of the world
6.1 Has a purpose
6.2 Created everything in it
7 Perfectly good and perfectly loving
7.1 Concerned about how people behave
7.1.1 Wants them to treat each other properly
8 All powerful
8.1 Omnipotent
9 All knowing
9.1 Omniscient
10 Will judge each individual at the end of time
10.1 Yawmuddin
10.1.1 The Day of Judgement
11 Tawhid
11.1 The Oneness of Allah
12 Mala'ikah
12.1 The Angels of Allah
13 Kubutullah
13.1 The Books of Allah
14 Rasullulah
14.1 Messengers of Allah
15 Pre-destintation
15.1 Al-Qadr
16 Life after death
16.1 Akirah
17 Risalah
17.1 Prophethood
18 99 names for Allah
18.1 Used in prayer and meditation

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