Religion and The Media

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Religion and The Media
1 Forms of Media
1.1 TV
1.1.1 Magazines books
1.1.2 Posters
1.2 Radio
1.2.1 CDS
1.3 Radio
1.4 Videos
1.5 newspapers
1.6 internet
1.7 social networking
1.8 music, art, dance, drama
2 Infulence
2.1 Christians follow the principle of 'love thy neighbour' and go to the bible, advice from church or their conscience to turn to.
2.2 Most Christians will use the media and believe they need to choose carefully what they watch and read. Many families are concerned about the influence out there, like how sex and violence is portrayed and can be see by children.
2.3 Christians are also concerned about the influence on lifestyles as some present a world that does not fit with the christen views. For example they are worried about how luxury lifestyles portrayed in the median and advertising may have a bad effect on badly educated or young people.
2.3.1 the regular use of alcohol is a feature of many television dramas and christians begging to some Protestant denominations never drink alcohol. They believe this is a sin. Other Christians believe in moderation and behaving responsibly in the modern material world. Christianity is against all forms of addiction
2.4 Many welcome the media as its a way of advertising their faith. 'make disciples of all nations' (Matthew). The Arch Bishop of Canterbury also said that 'the simpsons' was a good role model for family's
2.5 Christians feel that the media tend to make idols of people such as film and music stars. For some this is breaking the second commandment which tells them not to make idols nor worship false images.
2.6 Christains have no objection to music but feel that popular songs trivialise relationships and are too obsessed with sex may lead to lustful thoughts and bad behaviour.
3 The way Christianity uses the media
3.1 Use it to present a positive and accurate representation of their religion. This includes TV programmes such as songs of praise, when leading campaigns. Comics for children which re tell stories from the bulbar also seen as a way of spreading the message. In the US there are several 'GOD" websites and TV and Radio channels.
4 Responses and attitudes towards media
4.1 at first many christians were shocked there was such content with biblical themes such as jesus christ super star and joesph were preformed. They now accept them which shows how attitudes have changed over the past 50 years.
4.2 the use of christianity for humour has appealed from christians; such as Montt pythons life of Brian. Some christians believe that anything that doesn't show respect is wrong. Others may just say it is a story.
4.3 The simpsons is a HUGELY watched TV show in the UK and US and proves how religious media has a huge platform for success but also proves how they're is alot of issues.
5 Beliefs and attitudes towards portrayal of sex and violence
5.1 many christians are concerned with the portrayal of sex and violence in the media. For example soap operas such as East Enders often show extramarital relationships in such a way to suggest that everyone accepts these as right or norml.
5.2 some believe media encourages violence
6 Censorship
6.1 Freedom of speech is the right of people to say what they think without censorship.
6.2 one of the reasons people in the west are suspicious of censorship is because its a method of controlling suppression.
6.3 one of the important issues concerning censorship has been the laws against blasphemy.
6.4 in the UK we are free to express our views, however in some countries such as North korea are not allowed to proclaim their beliefs.
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