Still life at the Penguin cafe

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Still life at the Penguin cafe
1 Southern Cape Zebra
1.1 Tight black and white striped body suit
1.2 Mane-like head piece going down back and finishing with a thin tail
1.3 Zebra-like make up
1.4 bare-foot
1.5 Two black and white tassels, one held in each hand
1.6 Other dancers (8 women) wear a skull headpiece, with a black leotard and gloves, striped black and white skirt, as well as a white feather boa and black tights with black stage shoes and black sleek bun
1.6.1 repetitive movements
1.6.2 represent death
1.7 backdrop of a savanna grassland biome
1.8 Zebra gets shot at the end, to show off the fact that this species is endangered
2 Texan Kangaroo Rat
2.1 Baggy blue dungarees rolled up at the bottom, with tan sandals with a soft sole and tan knee pads underneath. Underneath the dungarees is worn a dirty, originally white, t-shirt
2.2 Hoedown style of dance
2.3 Detailed mask is worn and strapped under the neck
2.4 No accompaniment of dancers
2.5 A cactus as the backdrop to show that he is in a dry area
3 BASICS: *Choreography- David Bintley *Costume- Hayden Griffin *First performed- March 1988 *Stimulus- 'The Doomsday book of animals' *Orchestra- Royal Opera House orchestra and Simon Jeffers penguin cafe orchestra *Lighting- John Read
4 Utah Longhorn Ram
4.1 Detailed mask with golden horns
4.2 Gold frilled dress with a removable skirt and golden sandals with a mid heel
4.3 Other dancers (5 men) wear tailcoat tuxes with a white shirt and a white bow tie
4.4 Ram is majestic and the center-of-attention with the males 'asking' for her attention to mate with her, until she has her chosen her mate and then becomes the weaker ram.
5 The Great Auk
5.1 Tailcoat tuxedo with a white bow tie, and yellow leg warmers and black ballet shoes
5.2 Detailed mask is worn as a cap, blocking eyes out and strapped under neck
5.3 Plate of a pink drink
5.4 Backdrop is an iceberg to show the penguins natural environment
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