Texan Kangaroo Rat

Caitlin O'Neill
Mind Map by , created over 2 years ago

GCSE Dance (Still Life at the Penguin Café) Mind Map on Texan Kangaroo Rat, created by Caitlin O'Neill on 05/07/2017.

Caitlin O'Neill
Created by Caitlin O'Neill over 2 years ago
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Texan Kangaroo Rat
1 Costume
1.1 Dungarees suggest youth, as well as the geographical location.
1.2 T-shirt that is khaki which is made to look like fur or dirty - a reference to being realistic.
2 Lighting
3 Set Design
4 Action
5 Music
5.1 It is lively and country inspired (geographical and social context) which reflects the movement of the dancer.
5.2 At the beginning, it is slower and quieter, reflecting the Rat being sleepy (the Rat is first seen curled up on one side).

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