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Mind Map on Mathematics, created by Mari Chambers on 12/06/2014.

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1 Geometry
2 Arithmetic
3 Algebra
3.1 Symbol = unknown quantities
3.1.1 Letters = variables Each variable has an exponent
3.2 4+ terms-Polynomial
3.2.1 An algebraic expression made up of terms connected by the operations of addition and subtraction
3.2.2 1 term-Monomial 2 terms-Binomial 3 terms-trinomial
3.3 Term
3.3.1 An expression formed from the product Each term has a numerical co-efficient
3.3.2 A term with no variables is called a constant
3.4 Degree
3.4.1 The largest sum of exponents per term within the polynomial The largest sum per term is the degree of the polynomial
4 Calculus
5 Statistics
6 1.) number of terms
6.1 2.) degree
6.1.1 3.) Collect like terms 4.) Evaluate if possible
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