Methods of Control Under Stalin

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Methods of Control Under Stalin
1 Terror
1.1 NKVD
1.2 Gulags
1.3 Show Trials
1.4 these all encouraged denunciations and caused a quicksand society
2 1936-38: Purges
2.1 Purged from all walks of life
2.1.1 Political Kamenev, Zinoviev Rykov, Bukharin
2.1.2 Secret Police Yagoda
2.1.3 Industrial Pyatakov
2.1.4 Army Radek Tukhachevsky
3 Economic policies
3.1 collectivisation
3.2 5 Year Plan
4 Creation of a cult personality
4.1 Socialist Realism: early 30s; all mediums support the state
5 Three stages of Terror: 1930-34 Chitska 1934-36 Violent purges 1936-38 Yezovchina
6 Causes
6.1 Paranoia
6.1.1 Trotsky sets up 4th International
6.2 Wants to assert position as leader
6.2.1 1932 Riutin Platform: 'Stalin is the evil genius of the revolution' Does not have absolute power
6.3 1934 Congress of Victors
6.3.1 Party wants to slow down 5 year plan
6.3.2 Kirov receives more votes than Stalin Murdered in 1934; Stalin uses this as an excuse to purge party
7 Consequences
7.1 Caused destablisation
7.1.1 Ruined the economy
7.2 1938: 1/20 had been arrested; 7 million people were in death/labour camps
7.2.1 Physically and economically impossible to continue- prisons were overloaded
7.3 All of Stalins oppostion [except Trotsky] had been crushed
7.4 People lived in a state of constant fear
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