Russia 1917 Revolution and Consequences

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Russia 1917 Revolution and Consequences
1 Lenin returns to Russia
1.1 Lenin arrives at Petrograd station from exile in Switzland
1.2 He delivers his April Theses
1.3 The Germans want him to cause a revolution as this may take Russia out of the war
2 The 'April Theses' Peace, Bread and Land
2.1 The war with Germany had to end
2.2 Power had to be passed from the middle class to the working class
2.3 All land to the peasants
2.4 The police and army should be abolished
2.5 Workers banks and factories should be nationalised
2.6 The Bolsheviks should take control of the soviets in order to achieve their aims
2.7.1 Bolsheviks grew in popularity, February 24,000 April 100,000
2.7.2 Allowed the Bolsheviks to start to take over Petrograd Soviet
2.7.3 Presented workers and soldiers with an alternative to the Provisional Government e.g war or peace
2.7.4 Lenin offered decisive leadership and inspiration
2.7.5 Red Guard started to devlop
2.7.6 Newspapers were formed to spread the Bolshevik message around Russia
3 July Days
3.1 The Bolsheviks organised mini revolutions throughout Petrograd, consequently this caused uprisings against the Provisional Government
3.2 The revolution was very surprising for the Bolshevik leaders as they did not expect it to happen so quickly. However they had to do it as people were reacting to the war, the bread rationings and to the Provisional Government
3.2.1 On the 4th of July a peaceful demonstration was planned but confusion lead to a clash with 400 people injured, the PG nor the Soviet could control this
3.3 Workers and army members decided to revolt and go onto the Bolsheviks side
3.4 Lenin was a wanted man after the failure of the July Days therefore Leon Trotsky took over the Bolsheviks and prepared the Red Guard to take over again
3.5.1 The Bolshevik following had lost confidence in what the Bolsheviks can actually achieve
3.5.2 The Bolshevik leader had been arrested
3.5.3 More followers joined as it had given a glimpse of what can be achieved
3.5.4 PG had not been able to control the Bolsheviks so people regarded them like the Tsar
3.5.5 The Bolshevik newspaper the 'Pravada' was shout down, so the Bolsheviks word could not easily be spread
4 The Kornilov Revout
4.1 In August General Kornilov, a supporter of the Tsar, turned his army against the PG
4.2 Kornilov did not agree with the Petrograd Soviet's wish to end the war and wanted a military dictatorship
4.3 PG knew they could not defeat him on their own so asked for the Bolsheviks help
4.3.1 The Bolsheviks got weapons, which was just what they wanted Kornilov failed and was put into jail
4.4.1 Weaked the PG and army morale was low
4.4.2 Any Bolsheviks realesed from prison- seen as heroes These now had weapons- REVOLUTION "ripe for plucking"
4.4.3 Bolshevik staus increased lots, more supporters as they saw things can be done
4.4.4 Proved the Bolshevik aim of helping people
5 October Revolution
5.1 10th October, secret meeting held Lenin tried to convince the other members it was the right time to have a revolution considering them were armed It was 10 to 2 in favour of a revolution
5.2 Early hours of late October early November 1917, the revolution began,
5.2.1 Took control of Telegraph, power station bridges, post office, train stations, state bank
5.2.2 Petrograd was in the hands of the Bolsheviks except for Winter Palace where the PG leaders remained When the 'Aurora' a gun ship fired its canons, the PG realised it would have to be given up
5.3.1 Lenin forms the Council of People Comissioners Rules by Decree Sovnarkom
5.3.2 Russia pulled out of WW! which involved the signing of the Treaty of Brest Litovskand handidng over large areas if Tsarist Empire to the Germans (March 1918)
5.3.3 Civil War between the Bolsheviks and those who wanted restore the monarchy Foreign countries involved
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