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1 worked for better Indian rights
1.1 encouraged Indians to have non-violent protests(satyagraha)
1.1.1 In 1914 he got better rights granted for Indians after being thrown in jail countless times he won Independence for India in 1948 India was split into two parts one for Hinduiusm one for Islam begins to fast and visit cities in an attempt to unite the two have and have peaceful religious co-existence Was shot by a Hindu fanatic shortly after he ended his fast
2 Born in India into a Hindu family
2.1 studied all relegions
2.1.1 remained committed Hindu But believed "relegion's were paths all leading to the same point"
3 began to dress like the lowest Indian
3.1 each morning and evening he held a prayer service called ashram
3.1.1 worship and prayer were important to him He often quoted the bible and Q'uaran in his masses
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