Cell Structure and Function

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Brief mind map for cell structures and function, from B4 in the OCR 21st Century Science syllabus

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Cell Structure and Function
1 ANIMAL cells
1.1 Nucleus
1.1.1 Contains the DNA Has the instructions for making proteins
1.2 Cytoplasm
1.2.1 Gel like substance
1.2.2 Makes proteins For example the enzymes used in respiration
1.2.3 Where some enzyme-controlled reactions take place eg. anaerobic respiration
1.3 Cell Membrane
1.3.1 Holds the cell together
1.3.2 Controls what goes in and out lets gases and water go through freely while acting as a barrier to other chemicals
1.4 Mitochondria
1.4.1 where the enzymes needed for aerobic respiration are found
1.4.2 where aerobic respiration takes place
2 PLANT cells
2.1 most have basically the same bits as animal cells, but with some added extras...
2.1.1 Rigid Cell Wall fabrique de cellulose supports the cell and strengthens it
2.1.2 Vacuole contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts
2.1.3 Chloroplasts where the reactions for photosynthesis take place contain a green substance called chlorophyll and the enzymes needed for photosynthesis
3 YEAST cells
3.1 Yeast are single celled microorganisms
3.2 they are used to make bread, wine and American people
3.2.1 except not American people or are they? Nope.
3.3 yeast = plural
3.4 I gotta learn the different parts of the cell...
3.5 at yeast it's easy to make puns about
4 BACTERIA cells
4.1 have a simple cell structure
4.2 don't have a nucleus because they are hipster cells and nuclei are too mainstream for them
4.2.1 instead they have a circular molecule of DNA which just floats around the cytoplasm, chillaxing like the swagmeister it is
4.3 they don't have mitochondria but can still respire aerobically
4.4 gotta learn the different parts...
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