Safe working environment

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Safe working environment
1 Flooring
1.1 Maintenance
1.1.1 Cleaning Methods Zonal barriers lock doors Out of hours Dry mop reduce drying time spot clean Footware Cleaning products Use right amount Suffient time for detergents to work Trip hazard Traling cables minimise length Increase visibility cover it Rubbish Dont leave attended
1.1.2 Repair Holes Tears Bumps curling mats missing tiles changes in level
1.2 Construction
1.2.1 Drainage Stop pools of water
1.2.2 Materials Different surface differences COF Swinging Heel Pendulum Slip potential High - 0-24 Moderate 25-35 Low 36+ Surface micrometer Strength Overloading Stability
1.2.3 Slopes Moderate or Steep Handrails
1.3 Condition
1.3.1 Snow and ice Gritting now clearing Route closure
1.3.2 Wet surfaces Slip resistant Coating
1.3.3 Sticky surfaces in hot weather
1.3.4 Housekeeping
1.4 Location
1.4.1 Near to machinery Slip resistant coating Housekeeping Trailing cables surface contamination
2 Workstations
2.1 Comfortable
2.1.1 Adjustable Tables Chairs IT Equipment
2.2 Safe
2.2.1 DSE Assessments Training
3 Regs
3.1 HASAWA 74 2.2
3.2 WHSW 92
4 Access / Egress
4.1 Traffic routes
4.1.1 sufficient width & height pedestrians visually impared Signage Vehicles speed limits Lighting Signage
4.1.2 Maintained
4.2 Doors / Gates
4.3 Esculaters / Moving Walkways
5 Glass
5.1 Safe material
5.1.1 Protected agaiinst breaks appropriatly marked
5.1.2 Polycarbonates
5.1.3 Glass blocks
5.1.4 Glass that breaks safely
5.1.5 sufficient thickness
6 Ammenieties
6.1 Sanitary
6.2 Washing
6.3 drinking water
6.4 Changing facilities
6.5 facilities
6.5.1 changing Cloth storage
6.5.2 Rest
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