Complex Experimental Design

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Complex Experimental Design
1 Assignment Procedures
1.1 Independent groups design
1.1.1 All Independent Variables (IV) are manipulated as independents


  •          1  1   A 2 Image Shown Here
1.2 Repeated measures design
1.2.1 All IV's are manipulated and measures are repeated Image Shown Here
1.3 Mixed factorial design
1.3.1 One IV is manipulated in a independent group design Image Shown Here
1.3.2 One IV is manipulated in a Repeated Measure Design Image Shown Here
2 Increasing the complexity!
2.1 The more complex the design, the more difficult it is to interpret
2.1.1 Known as higher order factorials: more than two independent variables Notated like this ________x__________ The number of IV The number of levels of each of the IV Examples of higher order factorials 2X3 Factorial Design 2 X 2 X 2 Factorial Design 8 Conditions For this design, you will have to look into more relationships since there is more IV Two-Way Interactions Instruction Method X Gender, Gender x Class Size, Instruction Method x Class Size Three way Interactions Instruction Method x Gender x Class Size In order to graph a Three-Way Interactions,you will need to make two side-by-side line graphs Online X Class Size X Gender Face-to-Face x Class Size x Gender
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