Medicine through time

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Mind map on medicine through time. AQA Gcse

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Medicine through time
1 Prehistory
1.1 Health problems
1.1.1 Warfare
1.1.2 Childbirth
1.1.3 Infection
1.1.4 Food shortages
1.1.5 Hunting wounds
1.2 Cures
1.2.1 Natural Herbs Medicine men and women Trephining
1.2.2 Spirtual Lucky charms Saving your spirits Rituals
2.1 Factors
2.1.1 Individual Genius
2.1.2 Chance
2.1.3 War
2.1.4 Technology
2.1.5 Government
2.1.6 Religion and superstition
2.1.7 Attitudes Conservatism Enquiry
2.2 Public Health
2.3 Disease and infection
2.4 Surgery and Anatomy
3 Ancient
3.1 Greeks
3.1.1 Treatments and Beliefs Supernatural Asclepius Natural Four Humors
3.1.2 Hippocrates
3.2 Romans
3.2.1 Galen
3.2.2 Needed a healthy army Government
3.2.3 Public health improved Aquaducts sewers Government
3.3 Egyptian
3.3.1 Religion-encouraged cleanliness
3.3.2 Treatments and beliefs Supernatural Gods caused diseases Priests had books of treatmants Mummification They had a relatively advanced knowledge of anatomy However experimental dissection was not allowed Found outlines of simple surgery Natural Canal theory Based on nile Some drugs (opium) used Purging, vomiting and blood letting Diet
3.3.3 What was new and what stayed the same? New Specialist doctors Observstion Surgical instruments Same Herbs No understanding of cause Supernatural beliefs No understanding of how the body works
4 Middle ages
4.1 Cures
4.1.1 Quacks
4.1.2 Church
4.1.3 Doctors
4.1.4 Women
4.2 Causes
4.2.1 Planets
4.2.2 Miasma
4.2.3 God
4.2.4 Dominated by four humours theory
4.3 Plague
4.3.1 God
4.4 Collapse of the Roman Empire


  • Collapse of academic knowledge
4.5 Church had a big influence.
4.5.1 Avicenna went against orthodox Islamic tradition
4.6 More medical schools
4.8 Galen's ideas were accepted as absolute truth
4.8.1 Paracelsus Challenged Galen
5 Renaissance
5.1 Enguiry returned
5.2 Individuals
5.2.1 Pare Ointment instead of boiling oil Chance War helped
5.2.2 Harvey Blood and circulation
5.2.3 Vesallius Anatomy Wrote fabric of the human body used the printing press to circulate his ideas
5.3 new ideas!!!
5.4 Public health made worse by war
5.5 Great plague of London
5.5.1 Showed people knew it was contagius No knowledge of why
5.5.2 Fire of London killed the bacteria
6 Age of enlightemnet
6.1 Inncoculation
6.1.1 Jenner Link between cow pox and small pox
6.1.2 Government helped and made it compulsory
7 Industrial revolution
7.1 Germ Theory-1857
7.1.1 Pasteur
7.1.2 Enquiry
7.1.3 Identification of different microbes Koch Vaccinations Koch Vs Pasteur Franco-Prussian war meant they were rivals
8 Modern
8.1 Development of Modern Surgery
8.1.1 Anasthetics Laughing gas Ether and Chloroform Early anaesthetics led to a rise in death rates Doctors tried more complex surgery Infections still killed patients Unhygienic conditions 1846-1870 Black period of surgery
8.1.2 Antisepsis and Asepsis


  • Antiseptic methods kill germs that get near surgical wounds Aseptic methods aim to stop germs getting near the wound Asepsis reduced the need for harmful chemicals Lister Carbolic acid on instruments Reduced death rates from 50% to 15% Semmelweis Chloride of lime as a hand wash kill germs that get near surgical wounds
8.1.3 x-rays Curie
8.2 Recent advances in Public Health
8.2.1 Public Health acts Snow Cholera 1848 Chadwich Was not compulsory 1875 Better-was compulsory
8.2.2 Beveridge Report 1942 'Welfare state'
8.2.3 NHS-1948
8.2.4 Clean air act 1956
8.2.5 The Black report
8.2.6 National insurance act
8.2.7 Sewage systems
8.3 Developments in the fight against disease and infection
8.3.1 Penicillin Fleming Florey and Chain
8.3.2 DNA Crick and Watson cures for genetic diseases
8.3.3 'Magic Bullets' Ehrlich Salversan 606
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