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AS LEVEL Biology Mind Map on Mitosis, created by Katie Kenney on 01/02/2015.

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1 Interphase
1.1 organelles replicate
1.2 DNA is unravelled and replicated
1.3 ATP content is increased
2 Prophase
2.1 nuclear envelope breaks down
2.1.1 chromosomes lie free in cytoplasm
2.2 chromosomes condense
2.3 centrioles move to opposite ends of cell forming the spindle
3 Metaphase
3.1 chromosomes line up along the middle of the cell
3.2 they attach to the spindle by their centromere
4 Anaphase
4.1 centromeres divide separating each pair of sister chromatids
4.2 spindles contract pulling chromatids to opposite ends of cell
5 Telophase
5.1 chromatids uncoil to become chromosomes again
5.2 nuclear envlope forms around each group of chromosomes forming two nuclei
5.3 Cytokinesis- cytoplasm divides creating two genetically identical daughter cells
6 Function
6.1 leads to growth of an organism
6.2 repairs tissues and replaces dead cells
6.3 provides asexual reproduction
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