Population Indicators

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Population Indicators
1 Access to safe water
1.1 No. of people (%) with means of getting adequate amount of clean water
2 Birth rate
2.1 No. of births per year per 1000 population
3 Death rate
3.1 No. of deaths per year per 1000 population
4 Fertility rate
4.1 Average no. of kids a woman would expect to have in lifetime
5 Infant mortality rate
5.1 No. of children who die before their 1st birthday per 1000 babies
6 Life expectancy
6.1 Average age expected to live until
6.2 'At birth' - expected age, based on current health conditions
7 Migration rate
7.1 Difference between people entering + leaving a country per 1000 population
8 Population density
8.1 No. of people per square kilometre
9 Adult illiteracy rate
9.1 No. of people between 15-65 who can't read, write nor do basic maths, per 1000 population
10 GDP
10.1 Value of goods in country in 1 year ('per capita' is divided by population)
11 GNP
11.1 Value of final output of goods in 1 year
12 PPP
12.1 Method of measuring purchasing power among different currencies
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