Maths Paper 1

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Maths Paper 1
1 Inequalities
1.1 Example Question:
1.1.1 We would show this on a number line like this We can see here that the point at 5 is shaded in because when we look back to the inequality we see that this sign is shown This means that 'n' is less than or equal to 5 so we show this by shading the dot above the 5 on the number line in.
1.2 Solving in equalities
1.2.1 Example question: First we need to subtract 3 from 11 which gives us 8. We now know that 2x is less than or equal to 8. 8 divided by 2 = 4. Therefore 'x' is less than or equal to 4.,
2 Angles in parallel lines
2.1 Vertically opposite angles are EQUAL
2.2 Corresponding angles are EQUAL
2.3 Alternative angles are EQUAL
2.4 Co-Interior angles add up to 180 degrees
3 Box plots
3.1 Example Question:
3.1.1 To do this we need to find 3 things: We then need to work out what they are Then draw out the box plot
4 Interior angles
4.1 Finding the interior angle
4.1.1 sum of interior angles = (n - 2) x 180 'n' means: number of sides
4.2 Example Question:
4.2.1 Find the interior angle of a regular hexagon to do this we would need to do the sum of interior angles divided by number of sides 720 divided by 6 = 120 Therefore the answer is 120 degrees.
5 Similar shapes
5.1 To find the scale factor of 2 shapes you need to do the length of a side on one shape divided by the length of the corresponding side on the other shape.
6 Plotting a reciprocal graph
6.1 Graphs of 'y' = 1/x, 2/x, 3/x etc. are known as reciprocal graphs and they all have a similar shape
7 Surds
7.1 Rules of Surds
7.2 Expanding surds
7.2.1 Single brackets
7.2.2 Double brackets
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