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WJEC AS Psychology - the four approaches


A Levels Psychology Mind Map on WJEC AS Psychology - the four approaches, created by charlottehyde on 01/12/2015.
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WJEC AS Psychology - the four approaches
  1. Cognitive
    1. Assumptions: Computer Analogy and Psychology is a science
      1. Theory : Attribution, the FAE and Covariation theory
        1. Therapy: CBT - Internal mental processes. Aim, cause, features, research.
          1. Strengths: Mediational processes and scientific nature - Loftus and Palmer.
            1. Weaknesses: Reductionist, mechanistic, nature/nurture.
            2. Methodology: Lab studies and psychology as a science
              1. Strengths: strict controls and quantifiable data.
                1. Weaknesses: Ecological validity, demand characteristics, case studies and HM.
                2. Evaluation
                  1. Strengths: Idiographic, ecological validity
                    1. Weaknesses: Ethical issues and mostly qualitative data
                  2. Psychodynamic
                    1. Assumptions: Levels of consciousness and Tripartite Model of Personality.
                      1. Theory: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and Genital - Oedipus and Electra Complexes.
                        1. Therapy: Dream Analysis - unconcious mind, manifest, latent, aim, features, dreamwork, nightmares, research.
                          1. Strengths: Deterministic - rules; reductionist - easy to follow
                            1. Weaknesses: Deterministic - free will; reductionist - overlooks purpose.
                            2. Methodology: Case Studies and Clinical Interviews
                              1. Strengths: True picture, idiographic
                                1. Weaknesses: un-generalisable, unrepresentative - Anna O.
                              2. Biological
                                1. Behaviourist
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