Britain 1931-1951

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Facts about Britain 1931-1951 (Revision)

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Britain 1931-1951
1 5 Giants
1.1 Idleness
1.1.1 Unemployment After the war there seemed to be work for everyone as Britain rebuilt itself.
1.2 Disease
1.2.1 NHS (National Health Service) was introduced In 1946 the National Health Service act was passed and for the first time ever, every British citizen could get medical, dental and optical sevices free of charge.
1.3 Squalor
1.3.1 Poor living conditions 1946 New Towns Act; 1948 New Towns Act, 750,000 new houses were built.
1.4 Want
1.4.1 Not having any basic needs National Insurance Act: This provided comprehensive insurance against most eventuallities.
1.4.2 1945: Family Allowences Act- paid mother 5 shillings per week for every child after the first one. 1946: National Insurance Act- workers and employers paid into the National Insurance Scheme, which funded unemployment, maternity and sickness benefit, and old age pensions. 1948: National Assistance Act- National Assistance Boards set up to help those not covered by national insurance.
1.5 Ignorance
1.5.1 Lack of Education 1944 Education Act: Free education was free up to 14 years old. 1947 Education Act: Free education was free up to 15 years old.
2 Prime Minister at the time
2.1 Winston Churchill
2.1.1 His right hand man was William Beverage Beveridge report Give people on benefits more money Increase jobs We know that throughout WW2 Britain was run by a Coalition Government made up of Liberal, Labour and Conservative policies
3 The Blitz
3.1 The bombings on London and other main cities in Britain during WW2 (World War 2)
3.2 Destroyed most of Britain
4 William Beverage
4.1 He brought in the benefits system
4.2 He wrote the Beverage Report
4.2.1 Support the citizens 'from cradle to the grave' and must fight the 'Five Giants
4.3 He brought in the NHS
5 In the 1930's unemployment was high in Britain
6 Hitler
6.1 Leader of Nazi Germany
6.2 He and his wife suicided after losing WW2 to Britain and their allies
6.3 Killed 6 million people in the Holocaust
6.4 Was beat by Britain in WW2
6.5 Wanted a dominant race which was blonde hair people with blue eyes
6.6 Did not like Jews
7 WW2
7.1 Geramany vs Britain
7.2 Germany lost WW2 to Britain and this is when Britain pretty much had Hitler surrounded he and his wife killed themselves
7.3 Appeasment
7.3.1 Appeasment was a policy to keep peace and so there would not be a war.
8 Germany
8.1 Blitzkrieg means a new military tactic for Germany/Lightning war
8.2 Blitzkrieg involves German planes bombed the area to be occupied, German tanks moved in and took over the area and German troops
9 KeyWords
9.1 Lightning
9.2 Bombers
9.3 Tanks
9.4 Speed
9.5 Artillery
9.6 Parachutes
9.7 Lorries
9.8 Infantry
10 D-Day
10.1 1. USA (United startes of America) joined WW2 against Germany in 1941, December 7th because Japan were allies with Germany so when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour which was owned by America and that is why they got invovled in the war.
10.2 2. As they did not want to fight to long in the pacific and in Europe as most Americans did not want to fight in the war.
10.3 3. As France had already belonged to Europe and there was not much there for alot of troops to take over.
10.4 4. The operation was called Operational Overload.
10.5 5. 4,000 landing crafts, over 250 war ships and 11,000 planes.
10.6 6. As most of Germany's Luftwaffe were destroyed and Germany needed space to reprepare.
10.7 7. As they had concrete hut's for protection and alot more people died because of a defence fence under water and tanks got stuck in the water and were an easy target.
10.8 8. Germany were given false information so Britain had a good advantage as Germany took the bait.
10.9 9. Over 132,500 troops landed and about 4477 casualties.
10.10 Why D-Day succeeded
10.10.1 Deceptions- very effective
10.10.2 USA- huge numbers of troops ad equipment
10.10.3 Germany- fighting on two fronts
10.10.4 Planning meant good supplies
11 Evacuation
11.1 Lived with strangers
11.2 Siblings or close freinds
11.3 Teachers
11.4 Old people
11.5 Great experience
11.6 Not a nice experience
11.7 2 years before the war
11.8 Operation Pied Piper
11.9 In school groups
11.10 Evacuation
11.11 Country side from the big city
11.12 Children
11.13 Pregnant Mother
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